Bottom of the ocena

This story is part of Planet or Plastic? Finally, deep-sea corals are not immune to climate change. Curious about other life which may live even deeper, the researchers decided to investigate the sediment at the bottom. To protect these ecosystems, scientists need to find them. In the depths, during those five dives, they discovered red and yellow rocky outcrops that could be chemical deposits or bacterial mats, which are made by chemosynthetic microbes, meaning they can convert carbon-containing molecules into organic matter.
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Out of sight, out of mind

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Hitting Bottom: Submariner Explored Deepest Part of Ocean

In the months leading up to this dive, the explorer reached the deepest points of the Atlantic , Southern and Indian oceans as part of the Five Deeps Expedition, which aims to reach the bottom of every ocean on the planet. Without flow, the inner branches die and weaken, then break apart, and the outer live branches overgrow the dead skeleton. Prior to , most species were described from just one sample, often in a poor state. And when diamonds are formed, microscopic minerals are trapped inside. These fibrous diamonds are commonly ground down and used in technical applications like drill bits. If wormholes exist, could we really travel through them?
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Earth recycles ocean floor into diamonds -- ScienceDaily

Let's not waste our time looking for more. Only three people have ever made it to the Challenger Deep. This story is part of Planet or Plastic? The study's authors theorized that the chemical pollutants in the trench may have come in part from the breakdown of plastic in the water column. This unexpected find shows how much we still have to learn about life on the ocean floor. From inside the submersible designed to withstand extreme pressures, he spent hours observing and documenting the quiet, dark alien world.
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The majority of the hadal zone is made up of plunging trenches formed by shifting tectonic plates. There are as many as 51 trillion pieces of plastic in the ocean, and 90 percent of that ocean plastic is microscopic. The submersible reaches the bottom of the Challenger Deep in the Mariana Trench. The greatest threat to deep corals globally is industrial bottom-trawl fishing, which can devastate deep reefs. It requires large ships to transport and launch the submersibles, and can only be done when seas are calm enough to work. It has been updated to reflect the discovery of another plastic bag in the depths of the Mariana Trench. Without flow, the inner branches die and weaken, then break apart, and the outer live branches overgrow the dead skeleton.
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