Sperm agglutination boar

Nevertheless, equine oviduct epithelium expresses very few d -galactose moieties Desantis et al. Reproduction ; The present study clearly demonstrates that spermatozoa can be stored in extenders containing honey, sugarcane juice, tomato juice, and pineapple juice. Immediately after the collection was completed, the SP and sperm from the males selected were separated by centrifugation to combine the two types of plasma with the two types of sperm, incubate them for three hours and then freeze them. Upon arrival at the laboratory, the oviducts were washed in DPBS, and the epithelial cells were harvested by scraping the ampullary-isthmic mucosa of the longitudinally incised oviduct. In cattle, disulfide reductants like d -penicillamine markedly reduce the affinity of spermatozoa for carbohydrate moieties on the oviduct epithelium Gualtieri et al. Fair Reproduction, Fertility and Development.
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[The incidence of agglutination and its influence on sperm quality and fertility of boar semen].

An update on post-ejaculatory remodeling of the sperm surface before mammalian fertilization. Hoechst and Alexa Fluor conjugated goat anti-mouse antibody were obtained from Molecular Probes Ghent, Belgium. Only these responsive cells are prone to cholesterol efflux in the presence of fatty acid free-albumin and cause a loss of filipin staining as depicted in the cartoon on the right. Singh Small Ruminant Research. Each replicate was performed using different ejaculates. This article was presented at the 12th International Symposium on Spermatology, August , , Newcastle, Australia.
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Comprehensive mapping of the bull sperm surface proteome. The role of cholesterol efflux in regulating the fertilization potential of mammalian spermatozoa. It was suggested that reversible adhesion of bull spermatozoa to the oviduct epithelium is modulated by redox control of sperm surface protein sulfhydryls Gualtieri et al. This sperm reservoir contains spermatozoa bound to the epithelial surface by their apical head region. Luis Orlando Maroto Martin. Twelve storage trials were conducted for each extender.
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The degree of agglutination in sperm samples of 12 boars varied distinctly during the investigation period. On the other hand, differences in the proportion of polyunsaturated fatty acids in the plasma membrane of the sperm of males with different freezability have been found Waterhouse et al. Overslaan en naar de algemene inhoud gaan. Cholesterol and desmosterol in two sperm populations separated on Sil-Select gradient. Lipids were extracted from the cell pellet and methyl esters of total lipids analyzed by gas chromatography Bacteriospermia in extended porcine semen.
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